This is all profession, the survivors can have.
See how to get new survivors here.

The Common Professions, your group can have unlimited survivors of.
For the Uncommon Professions, your group can have 3 survivors of each at a time. Those will give you some items, so make sure you have room for this.
The Rare Professions, your group can only have one of each at a time.

You also have to choose someone as your Leader. This survivor will need 15 in infection rate to die.

To suggest new professions, see here.



  • Retired - Can control RVs.
  • Truck driver - Can control trucks.
  • Bus driver - Can control busses.
  • Alcoholic - Can enter bars.
  • Locksmith - Can enter locked residences.
  • Police Officer - Can enter police stations.
  • Taxi driver - Needs 10 less fuel when moving to another town.
  • Delivery guy - Can carry 12 kg when scavenging.
  • Soldier - Needs an infection rate of 12 before he dies. (Doesn't work with leader.)
  • Car mechanics - Increases the car's capacity with 50 kg.
  • Doctor - Can lower someone's infection rate with 1, once every week.
  • Dentist - Can lower his own infection rate with 1, once every week.
  • Dietist - Only needs 5 food and 5 water per week.
  • Wedding Planner - Gives 1 more scavenge run per week.
  • Politician - Lowers the needed food and water for new survivors with 50.
  • Teacher - Can once a week convert a survivor with an uncommon profession into a common profession.



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